Ray Luzier Shares One Thing He Loves About Korn

In a recent interview with Modern Drummer, Korn’s skilled drummer, Ray Luzier, emphasized the band’s fearless attitude towards experimentation and embracing new musical territories. Luzier reflected on the distinct sounds of each Korn album, showcasing the band’s adventurous spirit.

He delved into the collaborative dynamic within the group, highlighting how band members contribute diverse musical ideas to the creative process. Luzier expressed his appreciation for Korn’s willingness to venture into uncharted waters, stating, “That’s one thing I love about this band. We’re not afraid to experiment and try new things.”

The drummer then shared insights into his personal favorites among Korn’s discography, singling out albums that have left a lasting impact on him. He cited ‘The Serenity Of Suffering’ and ‘The Nothing’ as standout records, praising the band’s ability to evolve while maintaining a signature sound. Luzier particularly appreciated the raw, old-school approach taken in the latest album, ‘Requiem,’ where the band opted for a more analog and collaborative jamming vibe.

Reflecting on his journey with Korn, Luzier expressed the joy of witnessing musical ideas evolve into crowd-pleasing anthems. “And that’s some of the best moments for me, is watching these roots grow into the song. It becomes something that appeals to the crowds. They’re singing the words back,” he shared, emphasizing the irreplaceable thrill of performing live, whether in front of 500 or 50,000 people.

In exciting news for Korn enthusiasts, the band is actively working on a follow-up to their 2022 album, ‘Requiem.’ Guitarist Brian Welch hinted at new music in an interview with The Joe Kingdom Perspective, revealing that although the band is currently in a low-profile phase, there’s a creative storm brewing. Despite being ‘in hiding,’ Korn is crafting fresh sounds that will mark their return to the musical landscape.

As fans eagerly await the forthcoming album, the prospect of new Korn music in 2024 holds special significance, coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the band’s influential self-titled debut in 1994. The anticipation for what Korn has in store continues to build, promising a sonic journey that encapsulates their three-decade evolution.

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