Founding FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE Bassist & Vocalist PAOLO ROSSI Leaves The Band

It is with a mix of emotions that we share the news of a significant change within the Fleshgod Apocalypse. Paolo Rossi, the bassist and vocalist, a founding member since the band’s inception in 2007, has decided to part ways with the group. Paolo played an integral role until his hiatus in 2023, and after careful consideration, he has chosen not to return from this break, opting instead for a career that promises more stability in his life.

As Fleshgod Apocalypse moves forward, it will now function as a five-piece ensemble. Francesco Paoli, the vocalist, will permanently take on the role of bassist in addition to his vocal duties, while Veronica Bordacchini will gracefully handle all clean vocals.

In their official statement, the band expressed their sentiments about Paolo’s departure: “We’d never thought this moment would come but, after twenty years of friendship and collaboration, Paolo decided to change his life’s path and take a step back from the band.”

The challenges posed by the pandemic proved to be formidable for musicians worldwide. Paolo, after exhausting all avenues to sustain his connection to the music business, found a new opportunity outside the industry that offered stability during those tumultuous times. Even as live shows resumed and life began to return to normal, the band faced difficulties reconciling Paolo’s new commitments with their touring schedule.

The band acknowledged Paolo’s valiant efforts over the past year to find a solution, even bringing in temporary replacements like Ludovico Cioffi (Delain), expressing gratitude for his assistance. Unfortunately, the necessary conditions to make it all work were elusive, leading Paolo to make the difficult decision to step down from his role in the Fleshgod Apocalypse.

In their message, the band assured fans that Paolo will always be part of their family. To mark this transition, the band collaborated with the visionary Italian photographer Francesco Esposito to create a unique piece of art, symbolizing the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter.

The statement concluded with a note of gratitude to their loyal fans: “Paolo will always be with us; we wouldn’t be where we stand today without his contribution. Thank you all for your constant love and support. See you on the road.”

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