Mick Mars’ Wife Seraina On Her Husband’s New Solo Album: ‘Blood, Sweat, Tears’

mick mars with his wife

The inaugural solo project from Mick Mars, titled “The Distant Shore of Mars,” is set to launch this coming Friday, February 23. The esteemed guitarist has been engaging his audience on X, sharing previews and visuals tied to the project, including several images hinting at the album’s artwork. Among these visual teases, one finds Mars … Read more

Dave Mustaine Thinks Sammy Hagar Was Bigger As A Solo Artist

sammy hagar and dave mustaine

In a recent interview with Rock&Pop Paraguay, the iconic frontman of Megadeth, Dave Mustaine, delved into the influences that shaped his early musical journey. Mustaine expressed admiration for Sammy Hagar’s distinctive voice and praised his contributions to Montrose, recalling a personal connection to Hagar’s music. Reflecting on his pre-Metallica days, Mustaine revealed, “He’s a guy … Read more

Sebastian Bach Puts His ‘Shakespearean Lyrics’ On The Table For Skid Row Credit Fight Against Rachel Bolan

Sebastian Bach and rachel bolan

At a recent solo performance at the Palace Theatre in St. Paul, Minnesota, Sebastian Bach, former lead singer of Skid Row, took a moment to refute his ex-bandmate Rachel Bolan’s statements regarding who really wrote the band’s songs. On February 24, right after performing ‘Makin’ A Mess’ from their debut album, Bach addressed the audience, … Read more



INFECTIOUS GROOVES, the enduring ensemble initiated over three decades ago by current METALLICA bassist Robert Trujillo alongside his then-SUICIDAL TENDENCIES comrade Mike Muir, has ventured into the studio for the creation of a fresh composition. This upcoming track, a collaborative effort with former INFECTIOUS GROOVES guitarist Adam Siegel, signifies the band’s inaugural release featuring ex-SLIPKNOT … Read more

Ronnie Radke: ‘Death Metal Dudes Are Soft’

Ronnie Radke

Ronnie Radke of Falling In Reverse finds himself embroiled in yet another public dispute, this time directing his ire towards death metal musicians, particularly targeting the band Sanguisugabogg. A month ago, Radke engaged in a heated exchange with Sanguisugabogg’s frontman, Devin Swank. Now, Radke has taken to the digital stage, asserting that Sanguisugabogg has been … Read more

LITA FORD: ‘I Had Affairs With A Lot Of Guitar Players And Lead Singers In The Music Industry’

lita ford

In a recent appearance on Detroit’s WRIF 101.1 FM radio station, the legendary Lita Ford was posed with the intriguing question of whether she deemed Madonna, the iconic pop superstar, as one of the most “sexiest” performers in the industry. Lita, never one to hold back, delved into Madonna’s fearless approach, recounting a daring stage … Read more