IRON MAIDEN’s BRUCE DICKINSON Says His Cancer Battle Changed His View Of Life And Death


Bruce Dickinson, the frontman of IRON MAIDEN, recently talked with Sweden’s SVT about his upcoming solo album “The Mandrake Project,” which BMG is set to release on March 1. The majority of the album’s recording was done at Los Angeles’s Doom Room, with Bruce Dickinson’s longtime collaborator and producer Roy “Z” Ramirez serving as both … Read more

Bruce Dickinson: Iron Maiden Was ‘Better’ Than Metallica

Bruce Dickinson

Two of the best bands to ever come out of the heavy metal genre are London, England’s Iron Maiden, and Los Angeles, California’s Metallica. Each band has created a variety of intriguing and exciting songs throughout their careers, enjoying enormous success on a global scale. Which is superior, though? Naturally, it is a trick question, … Read more

Ace Frehley Attacks Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley: “They Are Humiliating Me”

gene simmons and ace

Former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley insulted Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley in a recent interview with Guitar World when talking about his upcoming solo album “10,000 Volts”: “Paul (Stanley) and Gene (Simmons) have tried to destroy my reputation over the years, we know that. And unfortunately for them, ‘10,000 Volts’ is going to make them … Read more

BRUCE KULICK On KISS’s Final Concert: ‘I Wasn’t Asked To Be There And I Wasn’t Invited’


In a recent interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick expressed his thoughts on not being involved in the band’s final show at New York City’s Madison Square Garden. Kulick mentioned that he wasn’t asked or invited to attend, and had an understanding of this situation since the final shows were announced. … Read more

LITA FORD Announces Early 2024 U.S. Tour Dates

lita ford

The YouTube channel recently uploaded videos from Lita’s concert on December 16 at the Smart Financial Centre in Sugar Land, Texas. Lita, in a conversation with Robert Miguel from Uvalde Radio Rocks, discussed the delays in her upcoming album, attributing them to the complexities of the music industry and the need to align various … Read more

K.K. DOWNING Celebrates 40th Anniversary Of JUDAS PRIEST’s ‘Defenders Of The Faith’: It’s ‘Probably One Of My Favorite Albums’

Kenneth “K.K.” Downing, the former guitarist of Judas Priest, recently shared a video reflecting on the band’s iconic album “Defenders Of The Faith” as it reaches its 40th anniversary. He fondly recalls the recording process, spanning from Spain to Florida, and expresses his affection for the album, listing tracks like ‘Freewheel Burning’, ‘Jawbreaker’, ‘Rock Hard, … Read more

TESLA’s JEFF KEITH Says AC/DC’s BON SCOTT Was His ‘Biggest Inspiration’

In an interview with Larry Mac on 96.1 KLPX, Jeff Keith, the lead singer of TESLA, discussed his musical inspirations. He recalled his first concert experience at the 1978 ‘Day On The Green’ in Oakland Coliseum, highlighting performances by Van Halen and AC/DC, especially Bon Scott’s commanding presence, as his primary influence. Keith also mentioned … Read more