Oasis share previously unheard version of classic track

Oasis prepares to mark the 30th anniversary of their debut album, Definitely Maybe, by unveiling a previously unheard version of ‘Columbia’. Dubbed the ‘Sawmills Outtake’, this rendition, recorded at Sawmills Studios in Cornwall, exceeds seven minutes in length—over a minute longer than the beloved 1994 album version.


Following initial recording sessions at Monnow Valley Studio in Wales aimed at capturing the live chaos of their performances, Oasis moved to Sawmills to capture the raw intensity they sought but felt was missed. Noel Gallagher and engineer Callum Marinho restored and mixed this newly shared version as part of celebrations for the Definitely Maybe 30th Anniversary Deluxe Editions, slated for release on August 30th.


‘Columbia (Sawmills Outtake)’ offers a glimpse of what’s in store, including tracks recorded at Monnow Valley and outtakes from the final Sawmills sessions. Notably, the reissue will feature a previously unreleased demo of ‘Sad Song’, showcasing Liam Gallagher on vocals, a departure from the original where Noel took the lead.


The deluxe reissue will be available in limited editions: Deluxe 4LP, Deluxe 2CD, and exclusive colored vinyl editions, including a blue and white marble 2LP inspired by ‘Up In The Sky’ and a pink and white marble 2LP inspired by the lyric from ‘Digsy’s Dinner’, “Strawberries and cream.”


The United Kingdom is currently abuzz with Definitely Maybe fever, as Liam Gallagher performs the album in its entirety across arenas nationwide. The tour kicked off in Sheffield on June 1st at the Utilita Arena, featuring live debuts of rarities like ‘Cloudburst’ and ‘I Will Believe’. Liam also paid homage to his brother Noel before performing ‘Half The World Away’ and surprised fans with a rendition of Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ track, ‘Lock All The Doors’, originally demoed by Oasis in 1992 and revisited decades later by Noel.


This celebration underscores Oasis’ enduring impact and the timeless appeal of Definitely Maybe, resonating with fans old and new alike.

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