NIGHTWISH Re-Signs With Nuclear Blast

In the grand tapestry of modern metal history, few collaborations sparkle with the same ethereal brilliance as that between Finland’s symphonic metal maestros and the esteemed label NUCLEAR BLAST. As the calendar turns to 2024, it marks a remarkable two-decade journey of musical enchantment. Today, amidst the harmonious symphony of celebration, the international metal powerhouse joyously proclaims the renewal of vows with NIGHTWISH, sealing the pact with a global, multi-album agreement.

With a twinkle in his eye, Tuomas Holopainen muses, “Two decades hence, our odyssey with Nuclear Blast commenced, and now, the hour is ripe for reaffirmation. Anticipation courses through me as I ponder the alchemy we shall conjure together once more.”

Echoing this sentiment, Marcus Hammer of NB declares, “To renew this alliance is not merely an honor but a pledge to inscribe further chapters in the annals of musical lore. We stand proudly beside these virtuosic artists and their sagacious management. Floor, Tuomas, Emppu, Troy, Kai, and Jukkis, your camaraderie and faith are cherished. Let us toast to the forthcoming opus and all that lies beyond! Kiitos!”

Since the dawn of their collaboration with NUCLEAR BLAST upon the release of the revered opus “Once” in 2004, NIGHTWISH has ascended to celestial heights, adorning the firmament of fame with ten million records sold and a constellation of over 60 gold and platinum accolades. Their celestial trajectory boasts six chart-topping albums and a constellation of thirteen No. #1 singles.

In October 2018, NIGHTWISH received the esteemed accolade of induction into the Tähtikatu – Walk of Fame Finland, a testament to their enduring influence. Their most recent sonic offering, “Human. :II: Nature.,” unveiled in 2020, ascended to the zenith of charts in Finland and Germany, whilst captivating hearts across the globe. Now, as the symphony of anticipation crescendos, whispers abound of a forthcoming studio masterpiece, poised to enrapture souls come autumn of 2024.


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