LAMB OF GOD Has Never Played These Six Songs Live (But They Should)

Having forged an indomitable career spanning over two decades and boasting an impressive repertoire of eleven studio albums, Lamb Of God has graced the stage with a significant portion of their discography. However, there are seven gems from their catalog that, surprisingly, have yet to experience the thrill of a live performance, and it’s high time they do.

1. “For Your Malice” from As The Palaces Burn (2003)

Lamb Of God has consistently been the go-to band for venting pent-up frustrations, and “For Your Malice” from the 2003 album As The Palaces Burn is a quintessential rage-inducer. With Devin Townsend at the production helm, this brutal record, now celebrating its twentieth anniversary, deserves to have this hidden gem unleashed live.

2. “Requiem” from Sacrament (2006)

Delving into the dark narrative of Jim Jones and the Jonestown massacre, it’s perplexing that this deep cut from their fourth studio release, Sacrament, has yet to grace a live audience. Mark Morton and Willie Adler’s exceptional guitar work, coupled with an eerie clip from Jim Jones himself, make “Requiem” a haunting yet powerful track.

3. “Everything To Nothing” from Wrath (2009)

Despite Wrath becoming Lamb Of God’s most successful record upon release, “Everything To Nothing” remains an overlooked gem. Its relentless riffage, coupled with Chris Adler’s drum precision, ensures that this track, with its seismic intensity, could undoubtedly shake the rafters of any venue.

4. “Terminally Unique” from Resolution (2012)

The divisive album Resolution (2012) sparked varied opinions among fans, but “Terminally Unique” emerged as a ferocious standout, begging for a live rendition. Its unrelenting energy is tailor-made for headbanging enthusiasts, cementing its place as a track that demands a spot in their live repertoire.

5. “Insurrection” from Resolution (2012)

Offering a unique twist, “Insurrection” sees Randy Blythe experimenting with clean vocals, showcasing a different facet of his vocal prowess. While not deviating significantly from Lamb Of God’s signature sound, the blistering solo by Mark Morton around the 3-minute mark elevates “Insurrection” to a level worthy of live performance and crowd fervor.

6. “Torches” from VII: Sturm Und Drang (2015)

Featuring Greg Puciato of Better Lovers, “Torches” masterfully intertwines brutality with ear-pleasing melodies. The atmospheric track, spanning over five minutes, encapsulates Lamb Of God’s prowess, with tasteful leads by Morton. The dynamic vocal interplay between Puciato and Blythe adds an extra layer of intensity, making “Torches” a must-play, especially if the two vocal powerhouses share the same stage.

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