Kerry King Reveals Solo Band Lineup, First Single “Idle Hands” Out Now

Kerry King, the iconic guitarist of SLAYER, is set to unveil his inaugural solo album, “From Hell I Rise,” slated for release on May 17 through Reigning Phoenix Music.

This groundbreaking album features a stellar lineup, including Mark Osegueda, the lead vocalist of DEATH ANGEL, the seasoned SLAYER drummer Paul Bostaph, former HELLYEAH bassist Kyle Sanders, and the accomplished guitarist Phil Demmel, known for his contributions to MACHINE HEAD and VIO-LENCE.

The LP’s debut single, “Idle Hands,” is available for streaming below.

“From Hell I Rise” boasts 13 meticulously crafted tracks, all recorded in collaboration with the renowned producer Josh Wilbur, recognized for his work with LAMB OF GOD.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, King revealed that the title track, “From Hell I Rise,” along with “Rage,” were initially conceived during SLAYER’s “Repentless” sessions. King explained, “It was finished, recorded, but I wasn’t satisfied with the performance aspect. I intended to save it for the next SLAYER record, but since that didn’t materialize, it found a new home on my solo album.”

Addressing the nomenclature of his solo endeavor, Kerry shared, “Originally, it was going to be KING’S REIGN, which sounded cool. However, I didn’t want my name to dominate. We considered BLOOD REIGN and others, but they were already taken. Eventually, it became KERRY KING because I love the logo associated with it.”

Speaking about the formation of his solo band, King explained, “I initially planned to have SLAYER’s Gary Holt, but I reconsidered to avoid being labeled ‘SLAYER Light.’ Phil Demmel’s previous stint with SLAYER in 2018 was impressive, and when Bostaph suggested him for the new band, it felt perfect.”

Mark Osegueda’s involvement was intentional, with King stating, “Mark was on board early on. I wanted to explore other options, but in the end, his versatility and commitment to the songs made him the right choice.”

Notably, Kerry King confirmed that PANTERA’s Philip Anselmo was considered for the role of the vocalist. “My management, promoter, and label all favored Phil,” King mentioned. “While he’s a good friend, I felt Mark was the better fit for the project.”

The tracklist for “From Hell I Rise” includes:

1. Diablo
2. Where I Reign
3. Residue
4. Idle Hands
5. Trophies Of The Tyrant
6. Crucifixation
7. Tension
8. Everything I Hate About You
9. Toxic
10. Two Fists
11. Rage
12. Shrapnel
13. From Hell I Rise

In a recent interview with Consequence, King praised his collaboration with producer Josh Wilbur, expressing eagerness for future projects. He commended Wilbur’s efficiency, describing him as a “wizard on the computer.”

Reflecting on the recording process, King emphasized the similarity to SLAYER’s approach, asserting that the album captures his live sound accurately. He declared his love for the entire album, expressing excitement about its release.

Discussing the musical direction, King affirmed that the solo project maintains the familiar SLAYER sound. He acknowledged the influence of Josh Wilbur in achieving a sound closest to his live performances.

Kerry King’s solo project, KERRY KING, is set to debut with two U.S. shows: May 9, 2024, at the Welcome To Rockville festival in Daytona Beach, Florida, and May 16, 2024, at the Sonic Temple Art & Music Festival in Columbus, Ohio.

SLAYER’s final world tour concluded in 2018 after over 140 shows in 30 countries, marking the end of an era for the legendary metal band.

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