JAMES HETFIELD Revelate LARS ULRICH Only Started Rehearsing With METALLICA In Recent Years

Metallica recently took the stage at the Power Trip festival, sharing the bill with legendary acts like Guns N’ Roses, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Judas Priest, and Tool. In an engaging conversation on Metallica’s podcast, The Metallica Report, frontman James Hetfield delved into the band’s experience at Power Trip, shedding light on the inspiration drawn from fellow performers and their unique rehearsal approach.

Hetfield kicked off the discussion with a surprising revelation about drummer Lars Ulrich’s rehearsal habits, disclosing, “An interesting fact: Lars never rehearsed ever until — I don’t know — I’d say maybe four or five years ago, he started really getting into rehearsing.” The revelation hinted at a shift in approach, suggesting that Ulrich had been somewhat spontaneous in his drumming approach before embracing a more disciplined rehearsal routine in recent years.

Discussing preparations for Power Trip, Hetfield expressed a desire to be closer to the festival action, insisting on rehearsing near the event venue to catch all three days of performances. He recounted, “I said, ‘I’m not gonna show up guys. I would love it if we could find a rehearsal place here [closer to Power Trip], ’cause I’d love to see all these other bands.’” Hetfield’s wish was granted, and the band set up rehearsals closer to the festival grounds, allowing them to immerse themselves in the full festival experience.

Reflecting on the unique setup, Hetfield expressed gratitude for Ulrich’s willingness to adapt to the plan, saying, “I’m grateful that Lars was up for it. So they did their rehearsals down there, and then we came up, and we have rehearsals and get to watch these bands.” The frontman conveyed the excitement of having their own compound at the festival, providing them the luxury to rehearse and then enjoy performances by iconic bands like Iron Maiden.

Hetfield found inspiration in the endurance of veteran rockers performing in sweltering conditions, stating, “I know age is bullshit. I mean, there’s plenty of the guys in these bands that are [in their] early 70s, late 60s, and it’s inspiring.” He expressed admiration for the dedication of these seasoned musicians still delivered energetic performances despite the challenges posed by the heat.

As Metallica soaked in the festival atmosphere, Hetfield reminisced about the camaraderie of early festival days, stating, “Yeah, we would play early on and then get to watch all the other bands after. We would hang out. It kind of felt like that again.” He emphasized the joy of being fans at heart, eager to be in the midst of the action and savor every moment of the festival. Hetfield painted a vivid picture of the band standing at the front, witnessing Rob Halford’s entrance on a motorcycle, realizing that, despite their iconic status, they are still fans enthralled by the magic of live performances.

In essence, Metallica’s experience at the Power Trip festival was more than just a performance; it was a celebration of music, a nod to the enduring spirit of rock, and a reminder that, regardless of their status, they remain ardent fans sharing in the joy of a fantastic weekend.

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