GARY HOLT: ‘SLAYER Crew, In General, Are Just Hooligans’

In an exclusive interview with Banger TV, Gary Holt, the guitarist for EXODUS, delved into his experiences with SLAYER and offered insights into the formidable crew that surrounded the legendary band.

Reflecting on the SLAYER crew’s toughness, Holt shared an anecdote about Warren Lee, SLAYER’s guitar tech, known for his assertive handling of unruly fans. Holt recounted witnessing Warren confront a disruptive individual, showcasing his ability to stand his ground despite significant physical differences.

“That’s Warren embodied. I’ve seen that man knock out guys three feet taller than him. And he always will give you a chance, give you a chance to get out.”

Holt recounted a memorable incident in France where Warren had to intervene forcefully when a fan refused to leave the stage. The situation escalated until Warren had no choice but to take action. Holt vividly described the aftermath, emphasizing the SLAYER crew’s no-nonsense approach.

“It’s not just Warren, it’s the SLAYER crew, in general, are just hooligans, you know, they don’t mess around.”

The guitarist shed light on the precautions the crew took, especially after the tragic event involving Dimebag Darrell. He revealed the presence of weapons like cattle prods and clubs in the guitar vault, highlighting the crew’s commitment to ensuring safety.

Holt also praised the entire SLAYER crew for their collective tenacity, citing instances where even mild-mannered individuals like Anders Aho would swiftly intervene in chaotic situations.

“I’ve watched him run out on stage and just flatten dudes, and I’m like, ‘Did Anders just open-field tackled that dude? That was rad.'”

As the conversation turned sentimental, Holt expressed his fondness for the late Warren Lee and reminisced about the camaraderie within the crew, acknowledging the absence of his brother.

Warren, he’s a tough motherf*cker, my brother too, I miss him so much.”

Despite SLAYER’s farewell tour concluding in 2019, and declarations from Kerry King’s wife about the unlikelihood of a reunion, Holt’s vivid recounting provided a captivating glimpse into the intense world of SLAYER and their indomitable crew.

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