DARK FUNERAL’s Vocalist Hospitalized Due To Severe Blood Clots

Andreas “Heljarmadr” Vingbäck, known for his roles in Dark Funeral, Domgård, and Grá, finds himself in a challenging situation as he battles a severe bout of thrombosis, leading to his hospitalization. Despite this adversity, Heljarmadr is actively working with his medical team to navigate through the ordeal and move forward with his life. Regrettably, he has announced that he won’t be able to front Grá for their upcoming shows on January 26 and February 3.

In a candid message to his fans, Heljarmadr shared insights into his recent health crisis, stating that he has engaged in a close encounter with mortality but is not yet in a dire condition. Thankfully, timely hospitalization and necessary treatment have been administered, with a long-term plan in development to ensure his maximum recovery. While expressing gratitude for the care he is receiving and the support from his family, Heljarmadr also appealed for privacy during this challenging time.

The musician expressed his frustration over the necessity to miss upcoming shows, citing the medical team’s advice and the potential risks to his health. Specifically, he will not be able to perform with Grá in Athens on January 26 and in Stockholm on February 3. Despite this setback, Heljarmadr assured fans that the shows will proceed as planned, with the rest of the band taking the stage, and Niklas stepping in for double duty on guitar and vocals. Heljarmadr urged fans to attend these performances, emphasizing that their presence not only supports Grá but also provides unique and special experiences.

Looking ahead, Heljarmadr, in coordination with his medical team, is optimistic about a full recovery and is confident in fulfilling his future commitments. He expressed gratitude for the understanding of his fans and assured them that he would share more details when possible. At present, the focus is on rest and recovery, and Heljarmadr thanked everyone for their support during this challenging period.

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