What Scott Stapp Says About the Possibility of New Creed Music

The imminent prospect of fresh Creed music draws nearer as the reunited rock band prepares to embark on a concert cruise titled “Summer of ’99,” followed by a North American tour. With guitarist Mark Tremonti expressing his inclination to reserve new material for Creed, the question of new music also reached frontman Scott Stapp.

During his appearance on Sirius XM Faction Talk’s Trunk Nation, host Eddie Trunk broached the topic of new Creed music with Stapp. The singer revealed a recent secretive collaboration with Tremonti, stating, “We were together a couple of days ago doing some secret, secret thing I can’t share.” Reflecting on the camaraderie, Stapp mentioned their discussion about the creation of the 1999 album “Human Clay” while touring for Creed’s debut album, “My Own Prison.”

Detailing the spontaneous creative process during soundchecks on tour, Stapp recalled, “We’d write a song, get it tight, and play it within three or four days of writing it.” Nostalgically, he expressed the sentiment that those times were fruitful and emphasized the strong connection between him and Tremonti during their recent meeting.

Confident that history will repeat itself, Stapp envisions the band spontaneously delving into new Creed material during the upcoming tour stops. He shared, “I could see in his eye, and I was feeling it too, that I think there’s going to be some writing happening. And it’s going to be organic. And I think it’s going to be beautiful, man.”

Drawing parallels with their experience during the ‘Full Circle’ tour in 2009–2012, Stapp highlighted the creative synergy that emerged during soundchecks, resulting in a collection of songs. However, he emphasized that the band is currently in a fresh creative space, expressing optimism about the flow of creative juices and the possibility of new music.

In conclusion, Stapp affirmed, “I definitely think there’s hope for some new music.” As Creed fans eagerly await the unfolding journey, only time will unveil whether the band will craft new songs on the road and, ultimately, share them with their dedicated audience.


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