VENDED (Feat. SLIPKNOT’s Sons) Releases ‘The Far Side’ Music Video

VENDED, led by Griffin Taylor, the talented son of Corey Taylor from iconic bands SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR, has recently unveiled a captivating music video for their latest single, “The Far Side.”

Adding to their lineage of rock royalty, the band features Simon Crahan on drums, who happens to be the son of SLIPKNOT‘s Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan. Completing the lineup are Connor Grodzicki, Jeremiah Pugh, and Cole Espeland, each contributing their unique flair to VENDED’s sonic landscape.

In a statement, VENDED shared insights into the creative process behind “The Far Side,” emphasizing their commitment to pushing boundaries and unleashing their full potential. The track marks a transformative phase for the band, showcasing a newfound intensity and rawness that resonates deeply with listeners.

Recorded live in the studio, “The Far Side” captures the unfiltered energy and passion that defines VENDED’s live performances. Whether in an intimate club setting or commanding an arena stage, the band’s infectious energy and raw power are palpable throughout the record.

Corey Taylor, the proud father and mentor, expressed his admiration for Griffin’s artistic journey, reflecting on his own hopes and dreams when Griffin was born. Despite initial expectations, Griffin has emerged as a formidable force in the metal scene, embodying a fearless spirit reminiscent of his father’s early days.

Corey’s pride in VENDED’s evolution is palpable, praising not only Griffin’s contributions but also highlighting the exceptional talent of each band member. From Simon’s mesmerizing drumming to the electrifying guitar work and solid bass lines, VENDED’s sound has evolved into something truly remarkable.

As Corey marvels at Griffin’s natural ease and talent, he playfully laments the advantages Griffin has over his own youth, humorously referencing the perks of youth and effortless style. Despite his jest, Corey’s pride in Griffin’s accomplishments shines through, underscoring the profound impact of VENDED’s music on both fans and industry veterans alike.

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