The War and Treaty detail racist incident backstage at major American festival

The War and Treaty, an American country duo, recounted an incident at the Coca-Cola Sips and Sounds Music Festival in Austin, Texas, where they discovered a cotton plant in their dressing room before their performance. This incident, which they believe was racially motivated, deeply affected the band, consisting of married couple Michael and Tanya Trotter.


Despite their dismay, they decided to proceed with their performance but chose to publicly share their experience afterward. Michael Trotter expressed his emotions, including anger and sadness, emphasizing his military service and feeling betrayed by the incident. He noted the disparity in treatment, acknowledging that such indignities are not faced by white artists in the genre.


Their decision to speak out was influenced by their 12-year-old son, who understood the gravity of the situation and urged them not to remain silent. Tanya Trotter, whose grandfather was a sharecropper, highlighted the personal impact of the incident and emphasized the broader issue of safety for artists of color at similar events.


In response to the controversy, the festival organizers issued an apology, explaining that the plant’s presence was a mistake and taking immediate actions to rectify the situation.

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