The John Lennon song Dave Grohl wishes he’d written: “John was my teacher”

Meta Description: Explore Dave Grohl’s admiration for John Lennon’s music, particularly his love for the timeless song ‘Imagine’. Learn about Grohl’s insights on Lennon’s impact and the enduring quality of ‘Imagine’.

One of the most revered forces in modern rock, Dave Grohl’s admiration for The Beatles is well-documented. Despite gaining fame as a member of one of the most iconoclastic guitar outfits of the 1990s, Grohl is a self-professed student of pop music. Indeed, it was Kurt Cobain’s respect for the Fab Four’s pop craft that allowed the underground no-wave outfit to rise to such great heights. Here, Grohl discusses the John Lennon song he wishes he’d written.

Grohl’s Favorite Tracks from Abbey Road

Grohl often speaks fondly about The Beatles’ 1970 album Abbey Road. During a conversation with BBC Radio 2 in 2019, the Foo Fighters frontman revealed his favorite track from the album: “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)”. He admires its heavy, melodically dark riff, considering it unmatched in its depth.

Passion for The Beatles

Grohl frequently expresses his love for The Beatles. In the same 2019 conversation, he shared a list of his favorite tunes from the band, including ‘Hey Bulldog’, ‘Something’, ‘Taxman’, and ‘Because’.

Special Connection to ‘In My Life’

The 1965 song ‘In My Life’ holds a special place in Grohl’s heart. It was played at his friend and former bandmate Kurt Cobain’s funeral service, allowing everyone to celebrate Cobain’s love of The Beatles one last time together.

Admiration for John Lennon’s Solo Work

While Grohl appreciates The Beatles, his interest lies more in John Lennon’s solo material. He shares Cobain’s fascination with Lennon, describing him as his favorite Beatle.

The Timeless Appeal of ‘Imagine’

Grohl particularly admires Lennon’s iconic song ‘Imagine’. He praises its beautiful melody and timeless quality, crediting Lennon as his guitar teacher during his formative years.

Inspiration from ‘Imagine’

Despite its divisive nature among Beatles fans, Grohl sees the humility at the core of ‘Imagine’. He recognizes the song’s empathetic message, finding value in its creation.


Dave Grohl’s reverence for John Lennon’s music, especially ‘Imagine’, highlights the enduring impact of Lennon’s work on generations of musicians and fans alike.

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