‘The Heavy Side of the Music Industry Was a Joke’ When We Started

Richmond, Virginia’s trailblazing heavy metal ensemble, Bad Omens, has carved a niche for themselves in the modern metal landscape since their inception in 2015. Their journey began with a bang, with their 2016 debut album capturing the attention of the heavy music community. Now, with a career spanning nine years and three albums, including the acclaimed 2022 release “The Death of Peace of Mind,” they have established themselves as pivotal figures in American heavy metal.

Noah Sebastian, the band’s lead vocalist, recently opened up in an interview with Kerrang! about the band’s evolution and his personal growth as an artist. He expressed a deep sense of self-respect and a commitment to pushing musical boundaries. Sebastian remarked on the diversity of their latest album, noting that some tracks are so experimental they diverge significantly from traditional rock sounds. He sees this as a challenge to elevate the genre to new heights.

Reflecting on the state of heavy metal around 2015, Sebastian observed that it was often not taken seriously. However, he clarified that his comment wasn’t a critique of other bands, but rather a reflection of the genre’s atmosphere at the time. The mid-2010s saw a surge of creativity in metal, with standout albums from bands like Tribulation, Ghost, and Deafheaven, among others.

Sebastian also addressed comparisons between himself and Oli Sykes, the vocalist of Bring Me the Horizon, acknowledging similarities in their earlier works. He emphasized that their inspiration from Bring Me the Horizon is more about a shared fearless approach to music than specific musical styles. For Bad Omens, it’s about crafting a unique sound and not being constrained by the expectations of the rock and metal genres.

As Bad Omens prepares to tour with Bring Me the Horizon and works on two new albums, their fans eagerly anticipate the band’s next steps in shaping the future of heavy metal in 2024.

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