Rob Trujillo Explains Why Other Metallica Members Were Not In The Grammys

At the prestigious 66th annual Grammy Awards, held at the Arena in Los Angeles, the famous metal band Metallica won the Best Metal Performance award for their powerful song ’72 Seasons.’ This win added another achievement to their impressive career. However, fans and viewers noticed that three important band members—Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield, and Kirk Hammett—were not present when the award was accepted by the band’s bassist, Rob Trujillo.

### Trujillo Graciously Accepted The Award On Behalf Of The Band

Trujillo explained why his bandmates were not at the event.

“All right. Wow. Incredible. I just want to say that Lars [Ulrich], James [Hetfield], and Kirk [Hammett] could not be here because they’re with their families, and, as you know, families are everything to all of us. That comes first. And I live in Southern California, so it’s a little easier,” Trujillo said in his speech.

This heartfelt message showed how much Metallica values their families, proving that they care about more than just their music. It also highlighted the challenge of balancing a demanding music career with personal responsibilities.

### ’72 Seasons’ Wins The Best Metal Performance

Metallica’s win at the Grammys reinforces their status as one of the most important and lasting bands in the metal genre. By winning the Best Metal Performance for ’72 Seasons,’ Metallica now has 10 Grammy awards from 26 nominations. This shows their lasting influence on the music industry.

Although some fans might have been surprised that Metallica did not win in other nominated categories, such as Best Rock Album and Best Rock Performance, their long history with the Grammys remains impressive. Their relationship with the awards began in 1989, a year filled with controversy when they famously lost to Jethro Tull, sparking widespread debate.

Looking ahead, fans can look forward to Metallica’s exciting performances on their ‘M72 World Tour,’ which will entertain audiences across Europe and North America later this year. Even though they were not at the Grammys, Metallica’s lasting impact on the music industry continues to connect with fans all over the world.

In addition to Metallica’s well-deserved recognition, the Grammy Awards also celebrated other notable artists. Paramore won the Best Rock Album and Alternative Music Performance Grammys for their album ‘This Is Why.’ Meanwhile, the supergroup Boygenius won the Best Rock Song prize for their single ‘Not Strong Enough,’ highlighting the variety and talent within the rock music scene.

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