Pittie Loves To Nap On Dad’s Shoulder, Although She’s A Big Girl Now

Norman and Annabelle are proof that sometimes siblings from the same litter end up in the same forever home, defying the odds. Growing up together, they shared everything from interests to sibling playtime, making their bond inseparable.

Their story began on a seemingly lucky day, Friday the 13th, when Bobby Keane and his wife, Danni, decided to take in a pregnant Pitbull just a week away from giving birth. The responsibility was immense, but they were determined to give the expectant mother and her soon-to-be 12 puppies a chance at life.

Managing a dozen tiny pups and their mother was no small feat, but amidst the chaos, Norman and Annabelle stood out. Their irresistible charm and undeniable connection with the family melted hearts, making them impossible to part with.

As they grew, Norman gravitated towards Danni and her daughter, forming an instant bond. Meanwhile, Annabelle found her place as a true daddy’s girl with Bobby. Their unique relationship blossomed early on when Annabelle chose to nestle comfortably on Bobby’s shoulder during a peaceful moment, sealing their bond forever.

Norman and Annabelle’s tale is a heartwarming reminder of how love and family can blossom unexpectedly, even under the most auspicious of circumstances.

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