PEARL JAM Fans Express Outrage Over Ticket Price For New Tour: ‘They Should Be Embarrassed’

Fans of PEARL JAM are voicing their discontent and disillusionment with what they perceive as a ticketing debacle surrounding the band’s upcoming tour. The frustration among devoted followers is palpable, as issues related to ticket availability, pricing, and distribution have left many feeling excluded and disheartened.

This outcry reflects a sentiment of disappointment and anger, particularly from those who have steadfastly supported the iconic rock band over the years. The perceived mishandling of ticket sales has cast a shadow over the excitement of the upcoming concerts, underscoring the significance of transparency and fairness in the concert ticketing process.

Scheduled to perform at Manchester Co-op Live and London Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, ticket prices for the tour start at a considerable £157.75 (approximately $200). Fans in the US and Ireland have also encountered similarly high prices, contributing to the widespread dissatisfaction.

Expressing their concerns on social media platforms like X (formerly known as, numerous fans lamented the exorbitant prices, with some acknowledging that they sadly won’t be able to afford attending. One disappointed fan remarked, “Thankfully I’ve seen PEARL JAM a few times & not drawn into paying this absolute farce of ticket pricing. Everyone should be ashamed.. band, promoter, venue, the lot. Feel for youngsters who’ve longed to see them (or other artists) & being priced out. £160.50…christ.”

Another fan, expressing their frustration, stated, “I am a massive fan and been to several gigs over the last 3 decades (!) but 160£ for a rear standing tkt and 238 for a front standing is utterly immoral. @PearlJam it’s embarrassing given your background.”

The issue extends beyond the UK, as reports indicate that platinum tickets in America are even more exorbitant. One fan revealed, “PEARL JAM is slow releasing platinum tickets. $1724 for the floor, $862 for back lowers. Insane!” The prevailing sense of dismay among fans underscores the importance of addressing these concerns to ensure that concert experiences remain accessible and enjoyable for all.

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