Paul McCartney Tears Up While Steven Tyler Sings On His Tribute Show

The lights dimmed at the Kennedy Center Honors, and a hush fell over the star-studded audience, eagerly awaiting the grand finale. This closing act was a tribute to Paul McCartney, a musical titan whose influence spans generations.

But tonight, the spotlight wasn’t just on McCartney. Steven Tyler, the raspy-voiced leader of Aerosmith, was about to take the stage. With a medley of iconic songs from the Beatles’ Abbey Road album, Tyler was set to deliver a powerful homage to the music that soundtracked countless lives.

From the whimsical “She Came In Through the Bathroom Window” to the poignant “Golden Slumbers” and the electrifying “Carry That Weight,” Tyler’s performance promised to be a fiery culmination of the evening. What truly captivated the audience was the effect on McCartney himself.

Steven Tyler Rocks the House with Abbey Road Medley
The legendary Aerosmith frontman and newly-minted American Idol judge tackled the daunting task of giving his spin on Abbey Road’s side Bs at the Kennedy Center Honors. And tackle it he did, with a performance so electrifying it brought the house down.

The audience roared to their feet, and even esteemed guests Sir Paul McCartney and Oprah Winfrey couldn’t resist singing along. Tyler’s vocal prowess was particularly impressive. At nearly 62, he retained the power and range to soar through the medley with incredible ease. This display not only cemented his place as a rock icon but also underscored his qualifications as a judge of talent. Who better to recognize true vocal ability than someone who consistently delivers it himself?

Tyler Performing the Medley Was McCartney’s Idea
Sir Paul McCartney, a living legend and musical icon, is no stranger to accolades. His contributions to music, both with the Beatles and Wings, have earned him countless awards and recognition.

In late 2010 alone, his iconic song “Hey Jude” received numerous covers, while Jack White delivered a powerful rendition of “Mother Nature’s Son.” The news of Tyler’s tribute had been circulating, but the mastermind behind it was McCartney himself.

In a pre-event interview with 95.9 WATD, Steven revealed a surprising twist. McCartney personally requested the unique performance, saying, “Paul called and asked me to sing the last four songs of Abbey Road, so I said, ‘Okay, I’m doing it. I’m headed down to the Kennedy Honors in Washington.’”

A Night of Tributes and Surprises
The Kennedy Center Honors wasn’t just about Steven Tyler’s medley. Show producer George Stevens Jr. added surprising trivia: the Beatles never performed the Abbey Road medley live after recording it, making Tyler’s performance even more special.

The evening continued with a heartwarming finale. James Taylor and Mavis Staples joined forces for renditions of “Let It Be” and “Hey Jude,” a powerful combination that had both Paul McCartney and President Obama on their feet.

Other artists paid tribute throughout the night. Gwen Stefani and No Doubt, Norah Jones, and Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters delivered their own takes on McCartney’s classics. Jennifer Hudson, a former American Idol contestant, honored Oprah Winfrey with a performance of “I’m Here” from the Winfrey-produced Broadway show The Color Purple.

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