OCEANS OF SLUMBER Share Video For New Single “Poem Of Ecstasy”, Announce New Album

Oceans of Slumber just dropped details on their upcoming album, Where Gods Fear to Speak, alongside a new performance video for the second single, “Poem of Ecstasy.”

The band’s unique and darkly cinematic style shines through in this track, offering a series of memorable moments that feel almost like a mini-epic. It kicks off with haunting vocals and a gentle piano, swiftly transforming into powerful doom-laden metal. The song crescendos with intense death growls and blast beats, showcasing a blend that the band describes as “dystopian grindcore.”

Drummer and main songwriter Dobber Beverly describes the album as a blend of influences like The Handmaid’s Tale, The Dark Tower, and Cormac McCarthy. “It’s part science fiction, part western gunslinger, with a heavy dose of post-apocalyptic survival,” he explains.

“‘Poem of Ecstasy’ stands out as one of our best songs,” Dobber adds. “It captures an energetic, fiercely passionate band with mysterious storytelling and otherworldly elements.”

Frontwoman Cammie Beverly dives into the album’s theme, revealing, “Every track on Where Gods Fear to Speak unfolds in a futuristic, crumbling world where the oppressed rise against their tyrants. ‘Poem of Ecstasy’ is the album’s raw, unapologetic love song.”

Inspired by Blade Runner and Cyberpunk: Edgerunners while writing lyrics, Cammie reflects, “Sometimes, our relentless pursuit of dreams blinds us to those we fight for. How can we save the world if we can’t save ourselves?

Dobber praises Cammie’s vocal prowess, noting, “She’s undoubtedly one of America’s finest singers, but breaking through still demands relentless effort. This record reflects that struggle—aggressive, passionate, and narrative-driven.

The album culminates with “Impermanence Of Fate,” a defiant anthem about resilience. “It’s a reminder that setbacks aren’t fatal; we can adapt and overcome,” Dobber concludes.

Fans can pre-order Where Gods Fear to Speak now, eager to delve into Oceans of Slumber’s latest musical journey.

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