Must-Listen Songs For Every Metalcore Fan

Metalcore, known for its fusion of extreme metal and hardcore punk, features breakdowns, melodic riffs, and often intense vocal styles.

Here’s a curated list of must-listen songs that showcase the diversity and depth of the metalcore genre. Note that this list is subjective, and countless other tracks could also be considered essential.

1. Killswitch Engage – “My Curse”

Album: As Daylight Dies (2006)

This song is a perfect blend of melody and aggression, featuring the hallmark Killswitch Engage sound. The guitar work is intricate, and Howard Jones’ vocals range from melodic singing to fierce screams.

2. As I Lay Dying – “Nothing Left”

Album: An Ocean Between Us (2007)

Why It’s Essential: A prime example of metalcore’s intensity, “Nothing Left” combines relentless drumming with aggressive guitar riffs and a mix of clean and harsh vocals.

3. Parkway Drive – “Carrion”

Album: Horizons (2007)

Parkway Drive brings a unique Australian flavor to metalcore. “Carrion” is notable for its anthemic chorus and powerful guitar riffs.

4. August Burns Red – “Marianas Trench”

Album: Constellations (2009)

Known for their technical prowess, August Burns Red delivers complex rhythms and time signature changes in this track, showcasing the more progressive side of metalcore.

5. Bring Me The Horizon – “Shadow Moses”

Album: Sempiternal (2013)

This song marked a shift in the band’s style, incorporating electronic elements with traditional metalcore, resulting in a unique and catchy sound.

6. Underoath – “Writing on the Walls”

Album: Define the Great Line (2006)

Underoath blends post-hardcore and metalcore elements, and “Writing on the Walls” features emotional vocal delivery and dynamic songwriting.

7. Architects – “Doomsday”

Album: Holy Hell (2018)

A song laden with emotion and technical skill, “Doomsday” showcases Architects’ ability to blend melody with crushing metalcore elements.

8. Trivium – “In Waves”

Album: In Waves (2011)

Trivium has a knack for blending thrash metal with metalcore, and “In Waves” is a powerful representation of their sound, featuring catchy riffs and anthemic choruses.

9. Converge – “Jane Doe”

Album: Jane Doe (2001)

Often considered a masterpiece of the genre, “Jane Doe” is a chaotic and intense track that showcases Converge’s influence on the metalcore scene.

Honorable Mentions:

Bleeding Through – “Love Lost in a Hail of Gunfire”

Unearth – “The Great Dividers”

Every Time I Die – “The New Black”

All That Remains – “Six”

These songs represent the broad spectrum of metalcore, from its early roots to its modern iterations. Each track offers something unique, whether it’s emotional intensity, technical prowess, or innovative songwriting.

For anyone looking to dive into the world of metalcore, these songs are a perfect starting point. Remember, metalcore is a diverse genre, so exploring beyond this list will uncover even more gems.

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