Miley Cyrus Shares The Heartwarming Fax Dolly Parton Sent Her

Dolly Parton famously avoids modern technology, preferring to communicate via fax instead of texting. This quirky preference makes reaching the “Coat of Many Colors” singer challenging, but the effort is often worth it. Recently, Miley Cyrus, Parton’s goddaughter, shared the heartwarming content of a fax she received from her godmother.

In a recent cover story for W Magazine, Cyrus discussed her relationship with Parton, highlighting the difficulty and value of staying in touch with her. Despite the inconvenience, Cyrus emphasized the importance of going the extra mile to receive these faxes.

During the interview, the publication referenced Parton’s praise for Cyrus, stating:

“Your godmother, Dolly Parton, had this to say about you: ‘She never stops and is always in the loop with all the things pertaining to the business, records, and people I should know and work with.’”

“Dolly’s been like a mother to me,” Cyrus responded. She went on to recount a memorable fax she received from Parton two Mother’s Days ago. “No one else faxes. I literally have to access my lawyer’s office because the lawyer is the only person who can still receive a fax,” she explained.

Cyrus shared the touching message from Parton: “Dolly wrote me to say, ‘How much do I love you? As much as my heart can hold and as far as my arms can reach.’ It gets me choked up. I just love her so much,” she said. She also revealed a special Christmas gift from Parton: a mannequin designed to match Parton’s proportions and dressed in one of her iconic outfits. “It’s so major,” Cyrus added.

Cyrus isn’t alone in using faxes to contact Parton. Country legend Reba McEntire once mentioned that she only has a fax number for Parton. Similarly, Kenny Rogers, a longtime friend and collaborator of Parton, didn’t have her phone number either.

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