Massive Attack Cancels Georgia Concert in Protest of Government Actions

Meta Description: Massive Attack cancels their Georgia concert amid protests against the controversial “foreign agents law” and police violence. Learn more about Massive Attack’s stand for human rights.

Amid police violence at peaceful protests in Georgia, Massive Attack has canceled a scheduled performance in the European country. The decision comes in response to the controversial “foreign agents law” and the government’s crackdown on civil society.

Massive Attack Georgia Protest: A Stand Against Injustice

Over recent months, the streets of Tbilisi have been filled with protests after parliament voted through a controversial new bill, labeled the “foreign agents law.” The new regulation aims to reduce foreign money entering Georgia, and media or non-governmental organizations that receive over 20 percent of their funding from other countries will now have to establish themselves as “organizations acting in the interest of a foreign power.”

Although President Salome Zourabishvili attempted to veto the bill, MPs in the region passed it through anyway, and it’s set to come into action later this summer.

Comparing Georgia’s Law to Russia’s

While those in favor of the bill claim it promotes transparency, the EU and many others against the “foreign agents law” have compared it to a similar bill passed in Russia. Moreover, the protests against the bill have seen claims of police violence, prompting Massive Attack to withdraw from performing in Georgia.

The Bristolian group was scheduled to perform on July 28th at the Black Sea Arena, but they’ve now confirmed it will no longer occur “in protest of the Georgian government’s attack on basic human rights.”

Massive Attack’s Statement on Georgia Protest

Taking to X, Massive Attack explained the venue’s link to the government as the main reason for their withdrawal, noting, “At this moment, performing at the state-owned Black Sea Arena could be seen as an endorsement of their violent crackdown against peaceful protests and civil society.”

Massive Attack claimed that “beatings, arrests, threats, and violence” had happened “against peaceful protesters, activists, and opponents, along with laws smearing civil society and denying LGBTI rights, go against everything we stand for.”

They concluded their message by stating: “We stand in solidarity with peaceful protesters in Georgia defying state violence & feel that it is their voices that need to be heard and their struggle that needs to be under the international spotlight. We’ll return and perform with you in freedom. #ProtecttheProtest”

Massive Attack’s European Tour Continues

While Massive Attack will not be performing in Georgia this summer, they are set to perform across Europe at a series of festivals, such as Meo Kalarama in Lisbon and Madrid, Rock En Seine in Paris, as well as Electric Castle in Romania.

Furthermore, on August 25th, Massive Attack is returning home to where it all began for a performance at Clifton Downs in Bristol. They will be supported by Killer Mike, Lankum, Sam Morton, and DJ Milo.

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