Kid Rock’s Surprising Encounter with Tom Petty: A Tale of Disappointment

Meta Description: Kid Rock shares a surprising story about being Tom Petty’s weed dealer and their lack of connection. Discover how this encounter influenced Kid Rock’s music and views on idolizing legends.

In a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Kid Rock shared a surprising and somewhat disappointing story about his connection with the late Tom Petty. As they discussed Petty’s untimely passing in 2017, Kid Rock revealed that he used to be Petty’s “weed dealer” during certain shows in Michigan. However, his encounter with the legendary musician did not turn out as he expected.

Kid Rock as Tom Petty’s Weed Dealer

Kid Rock recounted how he would receive calls from Tom Petty whenever he visited Michigan. Petty, who had married a girl from Saginaw, would ask Kid Rock if he could provide him with some weed. Recalling those moments, Kid Rock said, “F*ck, I’ll take him some weed.” He would then reach out to his brother’s friends to obtain the marijuana. For Kid Rock, it was a surreal experience, as he was a fan of Tom Petty’s music but didn’t really know the man behind the songs.

A Disappointing Encounter

While Kid Rock was excited to be in Tom Petty’s presence, hoping for a connection and shared interests, the actual encounter fell short of his expectations. When he arrived at Petty’s dressing room with the marijuana, Kid Rock realized they didn’t have much in common. Kid Rock explained that Petty was “so f*cking high,” while he himself might have just been slightly intoxicated on a couple of beers. He admitted feeling a lack of connection, stating, “‘Well, that sucked. Guess I’ll just enjoy the music.’”

Kid Rock’s Perspective on the Meeting

Reflecting on the incident, Kid Rock mentioned that this encounter with Tom Petty happened during a time when he was a “big star.” He initially had high hopes of hanging out with Petty and getting to know him on a personal level, but the reality painted a different picture. Kid Rock found himself in the unfamiliar territory of being in the presence of a musical idol without any real connection or shared experiences. Despite the letdown, Kid Rock did have the chance to pay homage to Tom Petty through his music.

Paying Tribute to Tom Petty Through Music

In his 2015 album ‘First Kiss,’ Kid Rock took a detour into country music, exploring themes of nostalgia and small-town life. In the lead single, also titled ‘First Kiss,’ Kid Rock included a lyric that paid tribute to classic rock legends, including Tom Petty. The chorus prominently features the line: “Tom Petty on the radio / Going steady with nowhere to go.” This homage was Kid Rock’s way of showing respect and acknowledging the influence that Petty had on his own musical journey.

A Complex Connection with a Musical Legend

Kid Rock’s revelation about his disappointing encounter with Tom Petty sheds light on the complexities of idolizing and connecting with musical legends. While he had the unique experience of being Petty’s “weed dealer,” Kid Rock discovered that even shared substances couldn’t bridge the gap between their individual experiences and personalities. Despite the letdown, Kid Rock expressed his admiration for Petty’s music through his own work, offering a lasting tribute to the late rock icon. This candid anecdote serves as a reminder that connections between artists, even in the same industry, can be elusive, and that the perception of fame and fanhood doesn’t always align with reality.

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  1. Let Petty Rest In Peace. Guess I’ll attempt to keep the tradition don’t speak ill of the Dead. But as for my personal admiration of Petty don’t have much. Before Petty OD( let’s don’t kid our selves) Petty would not allow the Star and Bars Flag to be displayed at any events he was attendance too. A Hell of lot Americans died for that Flag. And Petty’s position on the subject stick in my craw. What ever gets threw. Anywho fuck Petty. No has to worry about flying the Star and Bar Flag at any thing Petty does these days. May he Rest In Peace.🇺🇸🔯


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