Jon Bon Jovi Responds To Richie Sambora’s Statement Over Reunion

At the SXSW festival, Jon Bon Jovi shed light on the topic of Richie Sambora’s potential return to the band during a conversation that involved director Gotham Chopra and other members of Bon Jovi. The talk was part of the promotion for the forthcoming documentary series, ‘Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story.’ Jon Bon Jovi emphasized the lack of ill will towards Sambora, clarifying:

“We’re open to discussions. It’s important to note there’s no resentment here. Richie faced complex challenges, but it’s been over a decade since he left. Our doors remain open; after all, we crafted those iconic songs together. There’s absolutely no hard feelings.”

Sambora exited the band in 2013, citing personal reasons just before they were set to perform, leaving a gap quickly filled by Phil X, who later became a permanent fixture in 2016. In a revealing moment in the ‘Thank You, Goodnight’ trailer, Sambora expresses mixed feelings about his departure:

“Leaving the band was a choice I don’t regret, though I wish I had handled it differently.”

In a conversation with People magazine last year, Sambora entertained the idea of rejoining Bon Jovi, suggesting it’s a possibility, dependent on timing and readiness:

“A reunion is on the table. It’s a significant endeavor we’d all need to be prepared for. Timing is everything.”

He also speculated on the timing of such a reunion:

“It’s uncertain. It needs to feel right for everyone involved. But now, as we mark our 40th year, it seems like the perfect time. I’m feeling energized and ready for whatever comes next.”

The documentary ‘Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story’ is slated for an April 26 premiere on Hulu and Disney+, offering deep dives into the band’s history, interviews with members, and insights from those who’ve worked closely with Bon Jovi. Jon Bon Jovi noted that he and Sambora did not communicate during the production of the series but assured fans that there’s no underlying tension. The documentary will also highlight the band’s recent touring efforts.


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