Immortal Disfigurement Address Payment Scandal Surrounding Delayed Album

Immortal Disfigurement, the deathcore ensemble, has stepped forward to confront the ongoing turmoil surrounding payment disputes and delays encircling their yet-to-be-released debut album.

Notably, there appears to be a contradiction between the recent statement from the band and a prior declaration made by former songwriter Harry Tadayon, who is no longer affiliated with the group. Tadayon previously expressed his decision to sever ties due to issues like uncompensated work, exclusion from decision-making, and alleged mistreatment of producers involved in the album process.

However, the remaining trio, consisting of guitarist Josh Freeman, bassist Shane Slade, and frontman CJ McCreey, insists that the vocal components are prepared, while the mixing and mastering phases are still underway.

In their comprehensive statement, the band clarified, “Hey everyone, we would like to take this time to address what is currently taking place. Firstly, we (Josh, Shane, and CJ) want to make it clear that we are not going anywhere. We are not disbanding. Just another bump in the road that us three were fully prepared for when starting this band. Not our first rodeo, and it probably won’t be our last.”

Contrary to circulating rumors, the band asserts that the vocals have been ready for a while. Acknowledging the delay in the album release due to incomplete mixing and mastering, they express gratitude for the fans’ patience and promise to unveil the finished version soon.

The band acknowledges the challenges arising from remote collaboration on the album, resulting in several misunderstandings. They assure fans that all outstanding payments for finished masters have been settled, and future ones will be addressed in due course.

Affirming their commitment to moving forward, Immortal Disfigurement vows to continue delivering music to their loyal fanbase. Expressing gratitude for the ongoing support, they view the current situation as a minor setback and assure fans of their imminent return.

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