Homeowners Were Shocked By An Adorable Discovery After Moving Into Their New House

When the new owners of an abandoned building in Caribou, Maine, began their renovations, they were shocked to discover the building wasn’t as empty as they thought.

Inside a locked closet, they found a frightened, abandoned pup.

A Heartbreaking Discovery

Source: Caribou Police Department

The new owners were devastated to see the dog left behind without food or water. They immediately contacted the police to report the disturbing scene.

Officers and members of the humane society quickly arrived to assess the situation. The Pitbull mix was severely malnourished, requiring urgent medical attention.

“Once the humane society evaluates him, we’ll know if he has any infections or serious injuries. We will determine the appropriate charges against the owner after interviewing them and understanding the dog’s condition,” said Officer Douglas Bell.

The building had been vacant for months, leaving the poor dog to endure a long, lonely confinement.

Justice for the Abandoned Pup

Source: Caribou Police Department

In Maine, animal cruelty is a serious offense, punishable by fines up to $500. Additionally, perpetrators can be held responsible for the animal’s medical expenses.

Thanks to a thorough investigation, the Caribou Police Department was able to identify and charge the heartless owner, ensuring that justice was served for the abandoned dog.

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