Heartbroken Dog Sits In Front Of The Store And Begs People For Help Through The Glass Door

Stray puppies are always on the hunt for food and a safe haven to rest their heads. They long for the day when a kind human will stop ignoring them and offer the helping hand they desperately need.

Izzy, a stray dog who had recently given birth to a litter of adorable puppies, was one such canine in dire need of human compassion.

Hoping to find kindness, Izzy made her way to the front door of a Dollar Store in Jetersville, Virginia.

She sat quietly, her sad eyes peering through the glass door, silently begging the passersby to notice her.

Seeking Help from Kind Humans
dog sitting in front of store’s door

Shoppers were heartbroken to see the sad Pittie peeking inside the store. Her body bore the marks of numerous scratches, hinting at the hardships she had endured.

Captivated by her beautiful eyes, they resolved to help her immediately.

They showered her with cuddles and food, reassuring her that she was no longer alone.

They contacted the Animal Control office to seek assistance for Izzy. Upon arrival, the officers quickly realized that Izzy was a nursing mother.

A brief search around the store revealed her adorable, vulnerable puppies. Hungry and in need of a warm home, they were soon brought to safety along with their devoted mother.

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