Great Dane Who Was Skin And Bones Dumped Because Kids Won’t Feed Him

Rocky Kanaka, our beloved dog rescuer, was in for a shock this time. When he saw the condition of a Great Dane named Scooby, he was shaken to the core. Such a large dog, yet so incredibly skinny.

Scooby’s plight was due to neglect from his previous owners. He was shuffled between the shelter and a home where the children refused to feed him. This neglect left deep scars on Scooby, both physically and emotionally.

Could Scooby make a full recovery and regain his former glory? Could Rocky once again work his magic and earn Scooby’s trust?

### The Skeletal Scooby-Doo Look-Alik

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Great Danes are magnificent creatures. Of the 200 registered dog breeds known to mankind, Great Danes stand out as gentle giants. Their imposing size may seem intimidating at first, but they are known for their kindness and big hearts.

Scooby is no exception.

This unfortunate Great Dane was abandoned and rejected by his previous owners because the children wouldn’t feed him. Expecting young kids to shoulder such a significant responsibility is unrealistic.

When Scooby’s former owner abandoned him, she clearly had other priorities. It’s incomprehensible to give up a dog simply because someone else wouldn’t feed him. Responsibility means accepting and fulfilling your commitments.

Scooby had been surrendered to the shelter once before and then taken back home. However, the second time, his family sought shelter help because they were moving from California to another country and couldn’t take Scooby with them.

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