DAVE MUSTAINE Says That “Not Being A Mean A**hole” Is The Secret To MEGADETH’s Success

In a recent interview with Carmen Coronado of Monterrey Rock, Dave Mustaine delved into the resounding success of Megadeth’s latest album, “The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead!” Mustaine, visibly pleased with the album’s critical and commercial triumph, shared his perspective on the secret to the band’s prosperity, and it’s surprisingly simple: don’t be a jerk.

As Mustaine reflected on the album’s achievements, he highlighted its unprecedented global chart-topping performance. While acknowledging the band’s previous successes, he emphasized that this particular record surpassed them all in terms of worldwide acclaim. Despite a few pockets where metal might not be everyone’s cup of tea, Mustaine expressed overwhelming satisfaction with the album’s reception.

But what sets Megadeth apart, according to Mustaine, isn’t succumbing to commercial pressures or compromising their distinctive sound. Instead, it boils down to authenticity, steadfast convictions, and, most importantly, treating others with respect.

“I think it’s not compromising and sticking to your convictions, being true to yourself, and just not being a mean asshole. There are a lot of musicians who get successful and they start to believe their own hype, that they’re really cool. And you know what? We’re all the same. That’s the end of the story. Period.”

Mustaine didn’t shy away from critiquing the haughtiness he’s observed in other musicians. He called out those who demanded special treatment, punctuating his sentiment with a candid expletive.

“When I hear stories out on the road, like when I was younger, I heard about some bands where this woman singer would make everyone call her ‘miss something. And you couldn’t look at her. I know Madonna did that, but this was somebody else before that. And I thought, ‘Wow, I don’t like her anymore.’ And it wasn’t that I liked her in the first place, but I just thought, ‘What kind of an asshole does that?’ ‘Don’t look at me!’ ‘All right! Don’t look at this! Fuck you!'”

Mustaine concluded with a powerful message about humility, urging against the toxic mindset of thinking one is superior to others.

“When you start thinking you’re better than other people… You might be better at something than other people, but you know what? Man, we’re all the same. We’ve gotta stop treating people like other people don’t matter.” Mustaine emphasized the universal equality that he believes is essential in the world of music and beyond.

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