DAVE MUSTAINE Blasts Musicians Who Think They’re ‘Better Than Other People’

During a recent interview conducted by Carmen Coronado of Monterrey Rock, Dave Mustaine, the iconic frontman of MEGADETH, delved into the critical and fan reception of the band’s latest album, The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead!, which hit the music scene in 2022.

Mustaine expressed his satisfaction with the album’s reception, highlighting its remarkable success globally. He noted that while the band had experienced high-charting records in the past, this particular release had achieved the highest chart positions worldwide. In the past, success for MEGADETH might have been region-specific, but The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead! resonated positively in numerous places. Mustaine reflected, “There’s been a couple places where they just don’t like metal. But for the most part, I’ve been very, very, very, very happy with the outcome of this record.”

When asked about the enduring success of MEGADETH, Mustaine attributed it to the band’s refusal to compromise, sticking to their convictions, and staying true to themselves. He humorously added, “just not being a mean asshole.” Mustaine cautioned against falling into the trap of believing one’s hype and emphasized the importance of humility, sharing an anecdote about musicians who let success get to their heads.

Reflecting on the road to success, Mustaine conveyed his disdain for artists who adopt an elitist attitude. He recounted a story about a female singer demanding special treatment, expressing his disapproval with a colorful exclamation. Mustaine emphasized the universality of humanity, urging individuals, especially successful musicians, to stop treating others as if they don’t matter.

In September 2022, The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead! made an impressive debut, securing the third position on the Billboard 200 chart during its inaugural week. The album’s success extended beyond the U.S., claiming top positions in various charts globally. From Finland to Australia, Poland to Switzerland, and the U.K. to Scotland, MEGADETH’s latest offering proved to be a triumph, marking a significant milestone in their chart-topping history.

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