CROWBAR Announces March/April 2024 U.S. Tour

CROWBAR has unfurled the details of its upcoming U.S. headlining tour, set to resonate from March 30 to April 14, accompanied by the formidable MORBID VISIONZ as support. This two-week spring expedition promises a sonic odyssey, culminating in a special performance at the Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest in Philadelphia on April 12, where CROWBAR will weave a tapestry of songs from their iconic “Crowbar” and “Odd Fellows Rest” albums.

The journey continues on April 13, steering towards a distinctive Rocks Off Concert Cruise at Skyport Marina in New York City. This marks a unique nautical rendezvous for fans to experience the relentless power of CROWBAR’s music amidst the urban seascape.

The collaborative tour with MORBID VISIONZ unfolds across various cities, each stops a testament to CROWBAR’s enduring impact on the metal scene. From the Southport Hall in New Orleans, Louisiana, to the Elevation 27 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, the tour promises an unforgettable showcase of heavy, doom-driven prowess.

CROWBAR, led by the indomitable riff lord and vocalist Kirk Windstein, guitarist Matt Brunson, bassist Shane Wesley, and drummer Tommy Buckley, released their critically acclaimed “Zero And Below” in April 2022 via MNRK Heavy. Produced, mixed, and mastered by Duane Simoneaux at OCD Recording And Production in Metairie, Louisiana, the album stands as a testament to the band’s relentless commitment to doom-drenched sonic exploration.

Windstein, reflecting on the album, expressed his satisfaction, stating, “It’s really a killer record — I love it.” “Zero And Below” emerges as a profound musical journey, featuring tracks like “Chemical Godz,” “It’s Always Worth The Gain,” and “Bleeding From Every Hole.” The album showcases unapologetic emotional outpourings, blending bare-knuckle resolve with soul-searching vulnerability, all delivered with the band’s signature crushing heaviness.

As CROWBAR embarks on this tour, the anticipation builds for an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional metal. With a blend of harmonies, doomy riffs, and a touch of modern maturity, the band promises an unforgettable performance, marking a new chapter in their storied career. The journey unfolds, echoing the relentless spirit of CROWBAR’s enduring legacy.

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