BRUCE DICKINSON Angry Over People Smoking & Allegedly Using Pepper Spray During A Show In Brazil

Bruce Dickinson is pretty serious about not wanting people to smoke at his shows. At a concert in Brazil, he got upset because some fans were smoking, making him and his bassist cough.

Sorry for coughing,” he said. “Some of you are smoking, and it’s making it hard for us to sing. My wife’s even coughing in the back. It’s kind of gross, so if you’re gonna smoke, do it outside. My throat needs to work properly for the show.”

Later, he mentioned that someone used pepper spray, which affected his voice. He was not happy about it and said whoever did it should face consequences.

There were reports about the pepper spray incident, with some saying security used it during a fight. However, the concert producer said they don’t use pepper spray. It might have been from a vape that caused similar problems.

The concert producer confirmed that many people had breathing difficulties because of the fumes. Some even needed medical help. Dickinson struggled but managed to finish the show.

It was a tough night for Dickinson and the band, dealing with smoke and unexpected fumes that affected their performance.

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