Bon Jovi Releases New Song ‘Christmas Isn’t Christmas’

Bon Jovi has delighted their fans with a surprise release of new music. Their latest song, titled ‘Christmas Isn’t Christmas,’ serves as an early Christmas present. This new track marks their first release since completing their 15th album, ‘2020.’ The band chose a Nashville church as the recording venue for this special song.

Jon Bon Jovi, the frontman, shared his thoughts on the track, highlighting its focus on the importance of family during the Christmas season. He emphasized the song’s message: Christmas feels incomplete without loved ones, yet their presence is what makes the holiday special.

In an unexpected revelation on the NTTFG Podcast, guitarist Phil Xenidis hinted at further exciting developments. While discussing his experiences as a rock and roll father, Phil X inadvertently disclosed that the band is currently working on a new studio album.

He mentioned that Jon Bon Jovi had written several songs and that the band had recently completed a pre-production session in Jersey. This news suggests that fans can anticipate a new album from Bon Jovi soon, following the release of ‘Christmas Isn’t Christmas.’

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