METALLICA Wins ‘Best Metal Performance’ GRAMMY For ’72 Seasons’


METALLICA clinched a prestigious Grammy Award in the “Best Metal Performance” category during the pre-telecast ceremony at the 66th annual Grammy Awards, held at the Arena in Los Angeles, California. The band’s nominated track was “72 Seasons,” the title song from their 2023 album. Representing METALLICA, bassist Robert Trujillo accepted the award and conveyed … Read more

KERRY KING: ‘I’m Nowhere Near Being Done’

king kerry

The electric atmosphere of the Los Angeles Forum set the stage on fire just before midnight on Saturday, November 30, 2019. A momentous night marked by SLAYER’s Kerry King taking center stage, his signature chains hanging from his belt. Walking over to stage right, he unhooked the chains and held them high, dropping them onto … Read more

Steven Tyler And Her Daughter Had A Bond Because Of Slipknot

setven tyler

The emotive strength of music in forging connections across generations and emotions is beautifully encapsulated in a heartfelt revelation by Mia Tyler, the daughter of rock icon Steven Tyler. During a recent episode of the Bad Bad Babydad podcast, Mia shared a poignant story about how Slipknot‘s music became a crucial link in strengthening her … Read more

How Cliff Burton Made James Hetfield Pass Out


Iconic bands often weave humorous tales into the fabric of their legendary journeys, and Metallica, a heavy metal behemoth, is no exception. In a recent interview on Metal Mayhem ROC, Kirk Hammett, the renowned guitarist of Metallica, regaled the audience with a lighthearted anecdote from the band’s past. Hammett fondly recalled a peculiar incident involving … Read more

‘Seek And Destroy’- But ZZ Top Style

Gibbons Hammett

Prepare for a sonic journey that defies expectations and mesmerizes the ears, of metal enthusiasts! Picture Metallica’s iconic thrash metal masterpiece, “Kill ‘Em All,” taking an unexpected turn down the winding roads of Southern rock, acquiring a Texan flavor courtesy of the legendary ZZ Top. Brace yourselves as Denis Pauna, a talented musician and content … Read more

Ex-Megadeth Guitarist Marty Friedman Hopes the Guitar Solo “Dies a Slow and Painful Death”


For what feels like eons, Marty Friedman, the former Megadeth guitarist, and devoted American breakfast cereal enthusiast, has stood as an unrivaled maestro of the strings. Lauded by none other than Dave Mustaine himself, who deems him the best collaborator he’s ever had, Friedman has carved out a legendary status in Japan owing to his … Read more

ZAKK WYLDE Announces His First-Ever Festival Feat. BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, CODY JINKS, CLUTCH & More

zakk wylde

Zakk Wylde is set to embark on a groundbreaking musical endeavor with the announcement of his inaugural music festival, the unique and adrenaline-pumping “Berzerkus.” Scheduled for September 14, the extravaganza will unfold within the picturesque confines of Poconos Park in Bushkill, PA. Headlining this spectacular event are the dynamic duo of Cody Jinks and the … Read more

OZZY OSBOURNE Will Rent You His Los Angeles Apartment, But It Ain’t Cheap

ozzy osbourne

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne extend an invitation to lease their chic West Hollywood, California apartment at an exclusive rate of $9,500 per month, translating to an annual sum of $114,000. For perspective, this amount aligns closely with a substantial 20% down payment on a $570,000 residence. Financial considerations aside, a perusal through unveils the … Read more