Abandoned Dog Left With A Sofa Is Still Hoping His Owner Would Return

Isn’t it remarkable how our dogs become cherished family members the moment they enter our homes? We give them all they need – love, care, and security – so they can thrive.

Yet, it’s heartbreaking that some owners abandon their dogs, betraying their trust completely.

La-Z-Boy Gatson is one such dog, found abandoned in June 2019 on Gatson Road in Lincoln County, Mississippi. He was just 4 months old, sitting beside a recliner and a TV left in the open.

Animal Control Officer Sharon Norton responded to the scene, deeply moved by the sight of the frail puppy. Despite his hunger and frailty, his eyes held hope that his owner would return.

Norton approached with food and comforted him with gentle words. Gradually, the pup relaxed, understanding he was safe now.

“He was very happy when I picked him up and carried him to the animal control truck. I could feel his tail wagging against my back. He knows he’s safe now,” Norton recalled.

Norton named him La-Z-Boy after the recliner and road where he was found. At Brookhaven City Shelter, he received a bath and treatment for ringworm before being transferred to Brookhaven Animal Rescue League for further care.

Described as friendly and sociable, La-Z-Boy loves napping and playing with others, especially in water. After recovering, he entered foster care, hoping for adoption. His wish came true swiftly.

In July 2019, La-Z-Boy Gatson announced on Instagram that he found his forever home with Dave Trammell and Sommer Guy from Plymouth, Michigan. Touched by his story, they drove over 15 hours to meet and adopt him.

“There was something about the way he looked that just touched me. He looked so cute and sad,” Trammell shared.

Quickly settling into his new life, La-Z-Boy adapted well, enjoying naps and car rides with his dog sister, Penelope.

“He just wanted a home. You could tell he was really appreciative when we got here,” Trammell added.

Now thriving in Michigan, La-Z-Boy Gatson is living his best life with a loving family who adores him dearly.

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