Yoko Ono Underestimated John Lennon’s Affection For Fling, May Pang Explains

May Pang, John Lennon‘s former girlfriend and assistant, recently joined People to discuss her lost weekend with Lennon and how Yoko Ono, who intentionally arranged May and her husband’s fling, underestimated the Beatles icon’s affection for his assistant.

Although Pang and Lennon’s fling was brief, lasting only for a year and a half, their time together changed the singer’s life significantly. During his relationship with May, John reconnected with his son, Julian, reconciled with his former bandmate, Paul McCartney, and felt inspired more than ever, as he once claimed.

However, you might ask how this fling took place while Yoko knew all about it; let us explain. Even though Lennon and Ono seemed like a model couple outside, things weren’t as bright inside their marriage. Afraid that the rocker would start seeing another woman, Yoko decided to take matters into her hands and arrange a fling.

She chose May Pang, Lennon’s assistant, who the singer had previously expressed to find appealing. So, Ono, one day, walked into Pang’s office and told her that she needed to have a fling with her husband. May recalled how she initially refused to date Lennon, a married man, and her boss.

However, Ono convinced her everything would be alright and off started May and Lennon’s fling. Although it ended after a short while as Yoko intervened, Pang seemed to believe that Ono underestimated John’s feelings for his assistant-turned-girlfriend.

May on recalling Ono’s offer and her time with the Beatles icon:

“Yoko walked into my office and said, ‘John and I are not getting along. I want you to go out with him. [I said] ‘Well, are you kidding? I can’t do that; he’s my employer; he’s my boss. He’s your husband. I was 23, and my first boyfriend was John Lennon.

[Ono] did not realize it was going to turn into such a big love affair. She thought it would be two weeks, gone, goodbye. She told me, ‘I’m thinking of taking John back.’ And I said, ‘What?’ And she said, ‘I think it’s time.’”

Yoko failed to understand how intimate May and Lennon’s relationship was. Still, in the end, the singer returned to his wife and continued their marriage until his death. However, if you wish to know more about John’s lost weekend, let me invite you to check out this article and the trailer for May’s new documentary, ‘The Lost Weekend: A Love Story.’

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