Yngwie Malmsteen on Jimi Hendrix’s Influence on His Guitar Playing

In a recent interview with Guitar World, Yngwie Malmsteen discussed how his first exposure to Jimi Hendrix inspired him to begin playing guitar. As an inspiring and skilled guitarist, Yngwie Malmsteen holds a prominent position on the music scene. The 1980s saw the emergence of his neoclassical style, which earned him initial recognition. He played with groups such as Steeler and Alcatrazz before focusing on solo endeavors. While his tenure with the two bands was brief for creative reasons, he established himself as a solo artist.

Malmsteen has released over 20 studio albums in his over 40 years in the music industry. He is widely regarded as one of the most influential guitarists in history. The musician’s accomplishments have had a profound effect on artists like Kiko Loureiro of Megadeth. Although Yngwie Malmsteen was born into a musical family with a mother who sang jazz and a father who played guitar, he was initially uninterested in music. At age 5, he was given a guitar, but he did not begin playing until age 7. He stated that after watching Jimi Hendrix smash his guitar on television, he was inspired to begin playing the guitar and become as skilled as Hendrix. Yngwie Malmsteen’s words regarding his introduction to the guitar:

My mother was a jazz singer who also sang in the church choir, and my father was a guitarist. My older siblings were also classically trained musicians, playing the violin and piano. I was given a cheap, crappy acoustic guitar on my fifth birthday, but I didn’t start playing it until I was seven, when I saw Jimi Hendrix smash his guitar on television. “I wanted to do that because I thought it was cool.” “Parabellum,” Malmsteen’s most recent album, was released in July. The album’s title translates to “Get Ready for Battle.” Constantly adding new tour dates in the United States for his fans. The most recent dates extend through August 20. October dates for South America have also been added to the guitarist’s itinerary.

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