Why Malcolm Young of AC/DC did not like Robert Plant

Robert Plant is a highly regarded musician who has left an indelible mark on the rock music scene with his legendary band, Led Zeppelin. Since his early days with the band, his versatile singing technique has been one of the most distinguishing characteristics of his vocal style. In addition to his exceptional vocal ability, the singer attracted attention with his charismatic stage presence.  According to a number of music enthusiasts and critics, Plant’s vocal abilities are among the most crucial elements that give Led Zeppelin’s songs their emotional intensity. Despite lacking classical training, the vocalist was able to develop a distinctive style. Malcolm Young, a member of AC/DC, was among those who disagreed with the notion that Plant is a tremendously talented and impressive singer.

What Did Malcolm Young Have to Say Regarding Robert Plant? Malcolm Young, co-founder and rhythm guitarist of AC/DC, was regarded as the group’s creative genius, although his brother Angus stole the show. He was the driving force behind the band’s enormous success and accomplishments. Many AC/DC classics were written by Malcolm, who was also the band’s primary decision-maker. Unfortunately, the guitarist passed away in 2017 after three years of dementia treatment. In a 1992 interview with the music magazine Metal CD, AC/frontman DC’s reflected on the band’s previous albums and Robert Plant’s early influences while making some statements about Robert Plant. The guitarist began by recalling the time he and his brother Angus attended a Led Zeppelin concert. Young’s controversial statements disproved the interviewer’s belief that the subject matter was an excellent one to discuss.

The interviewer likely anticipated that Malcolm would discuss how great the concert was by praising Led Zeppelin’s performance. Yet, according to the guitarist, they left the concert without waiting for it to end after listening to several songs. Malcolm criticized Robert Plant for being a poser when discussing why they left early, but he said nothing about the remaining band members or the band’s overall performance. Malcolm Young said the following about Robert Plant: “Angus and I once saw Led Zeppelin. After a couple of songs, we left. The performer was a blond male. A bit of a showoff.” It appears that Led Zep’s singer did not correspond with Malcolm’s mental image of a classical lead singer. Thus, the guitarist took a somewhat condescending stance toward Plant, describing him as a “poser” who acted a certain way in order to impress the audience.

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