Why Dave Grohl Said ‘I’m Waiting For Metallica To Call’

Foo Fighters founder Dave Grohl described Metallica as a band he is eagerly awaiting an invitation from in a featured interview excerpt published in Far Out. Referring to them as his ‘fantasy band,’ Grohl expressed his desire to collaborate with the metal giant.

When asked which band he would choose to play with one day, Dave expressed the following:

“There’s a lot of people I’d love to play with. It’s just fun to jam with people. I was playing drums with Tenacious D in the studio the other day, that was great, it’s always fun to play with them.

I have my fantasy bands, I’m just waiting for Metallica to call. I love being a drummer, cos to me I’m a drummer who’s pretending to be a singer-songwriter. That’s honestly the way I feel.”

The FF mastermind’s admiration for Metallica has been evident in multiple instances. Four years ago, during a show, Grohl invited a 10-year-old boy to join him on stage, granting him the opportunity to play ‘Enter Sandman’ and creating a joyful moment for both the young musician and the audience.

When we look at Metallica’s history, we find numerous live performances where different individuals have shared the stage with the band. Joey Jordison,for instance, once stepped in to play drums in place of Lars Ulrich. Taking this example into account, it becomes clear that extraordinary collaborations are not out of the question.

Considering these precedents, it is not far-fetched to imagine that Grohl’s dream may one day become a reality.

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