While on vacation in Italy, Selena Gomez dons a cream knitted set

Selena Gomez, who is still enjoying life in Italy, is leaving on August 6 to go boating in Sorrento. Gomez was appropriately attired for the occasion, wearing a cream button-down shirt and matching pants. She wore white cat-eye sunglasses and a high bun for her hair. She was accompanied by Andrea Iervolino, the Italian-Canadian producer and close friend with whom she had sparked romance rumors earlier in the journey. A source told Entertainment Tonight on Gomez’s 30th birthday that while she does not rule out the possibility of romance, she does not actively pursue it either. “Currently, Selena is not dating anyone in particular,” a source revealed. “She’s more receptive to love, but she’s also extremely self-absorbed and focused on her work at the moment. She is in a sane state of mind. She feels great and is in excellent mental, physical, and emotional health.”

Regarding the type of person she hopes to date, a source stated, “When she’s ready for a true partner, she wants someone who is trustworthy, respectful, honest – to herself and others, genuine, supportive, accepting, kind, thoughtful, funny, and unconcerned with fame or attention. In the second season of give back generation, Gomez discussed her desire to have a husband and children with her close friend Raquelle Stevens. “I hope to be married and a mother,” she said of her future aspirations. “Eventually I’ll grow weary of it all, so I’ll likely devote the majority of my life to philanthropy before I find peace. Just be sincere.”

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