When her daughter made history at the Emmys, Zendaya’s mother wasn’t exactly welcomed

In addition to fake-dead Jimmy Kimmel and record-low ratings, Zendaya’s mother reportedly ran into difficulties with security while attempting to embrace her daughter prior to her acceptance speech. For her portrayal of the troubled, drug-addled adolescent Rue on Euphoria, Zendaya received the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Emmy.

I went to Z before they presented her the Emmy and gave her the largest embrace while exhorting her to breathe. According to Insider, Stoermer posts on Instagram. “Where are your credentials?” the man who attempted to stop me said. I introduced myself as Zendaya’s mother and then sped off! hahaha! I’ve never name-dropped before, but I must now!

Now, it’s obviously fair that the security around Zendaya’s table was on high alert—these days every major awards junket is just waiting (and wishing) for the ratings of another Slap. But this is the woman who brought forth Zendaya—Zendaya! Zendaya, the first Black woman ever to win an Emmy for best actress twice! Zendaya, the mastermind behind this dance! She’s MJ, for God’s sake!

Thankfully, the slight security snafu didn’t diminish Stoermer’s excitement for the event, pride for her daughter, or gratitude towards the entire Euphoria cast and crew.

“I love this group of people,” Stoermer captioned a photo she shared of Zendaya alongside the Euphoria team. “When Z is working on Euphoria, I don’t worry about her! @samlev00 and @ashlevinson thank you!!”

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