What Happened To Placebo’s Brian Molko?

Brian Molko has achieved notable success, particularly in his career with the popular rock band Placebo. After beginning their musical career in 1994, the band’s gender-bending androgynous appearance helped them gain recognition in the Britpop scene. In addition, their lyrical content, which openly addressed topics such as sexuality and mental health, gave them a distinct position in the industry. Things changed, however, after Placebo released the compilation album ‘A Place For Us To Dream’ and the EP ‘Life Is What You Make It’ In 2016, the band began a tour in Aarhus, Denmark, but an unfortunate incident marred the members’ and the audience’s enjoyment of the concert. The band’s future was affected by the fact that frontman Brian Molko had to be removed from the stage at the start of the performance when he became disconnected.

What was the nature of Brian Molko’s health problem? Brian Molko has previously discussed his drug dependency. In previous conversations, the musician stated that heroin was the only substance he had never tried. However, it was later revealed that the vocalist was also using heroin. Molko’s health was also affected by his diagnosis with major depression, in addition to his substance abuse. Furthermore, his depression was the primary cause of his drug use. Molko stated in a previous interview with The Sidney Morning Herald that he felt fortunate as a musician because he was able to recognize his deteriorating health and take appropriate action. Brian Molko said in his words:

“Rock stars have a propensity to die young or age very slowly. And it appears that I belong to the second group, praise God.” Although Molko had struggled with depression since a young age, he was not officially diagnosed until his late 20s. According to him, after this diagnosis, everything became clear. After being diagnosed with clinical depression, he began to give meaning to what he did when he considered his entire life. He stated that he attempted to treat his mental illness with drugs, excessive sexual activity, and rock and roll. It was crucial for the musician to determine what caused these tendencies. Molko indicated that he felt content since beginning the medication treatment.

In the same interview, the artist continued: “I believe that my clinical depression contributed significantly to the excess of my twenties.” I had it since I was a teenager, but it wasn’t diagnosed until I was 27 or 28. This made perfect sense to me. It clarified why I sought self-esteem in all the incorrect places: sex, drugs, and rock and roll. This comprehension was also somewhat important to me. Only recently have I been able to start taking antidepressants and feel happy.” By taking medication, Brian Molko effected a significant change in his life, which was fortunate for him. Molko’s treatment was successful, despite the fact that his struggles affected the band’s entire career. In March 2022, he and his band released the single “Never Let Me Go” and subsequently embarked on a tour. As he did at the 2016 concert, he encountered difficulties coping with health issues. Despite this, he continues to produce successful works for his audience by removing himself from a situation he realized was detrimental to his health.

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