Wednesday Failed Casting Opportunity Robbed Us of a Perfect Gomez

Wednesday Failed Casting Opportunity Robbed Us of a Perfect Gomez

As fans are still processing the bombshell first season of Wednesday, some recall the opportunities not used — or not even considered, which is even sadder.

Despite Luis Guzman’s lovely performance as Wednesday’s father, Gomez Addams, many people think that Netflix has lost a chance to cast the most perfect actor for this role — Oscar Isaac.

Yes, the very Oscar Isaac who has already technically reprised Gomez Addams, albeit in an animated Addams Family movie. According to fans, he would be the perfect choice not only for voicing the character, but portraying him in all his glory.

Isaac fans say him as Gomez would have them “permanently turned on”. When fans learned that he will be playing Gomez in an animated version only, they were truly heartbroken; and Wednesday director Tim Burton did nothing to fix it.

However, no matter how enamored one may be with the idea of Oscar Isaac portraying Gomez Addams, there is a different opinion in the Addams Family fandom as well.

“The entire point of Gomez character is that he is not classically, originally handsome. An entire point of his character is that he is not lucky to be born beautiful. Instead he forges his charms and character himself, he [is] well-kept and his behavior towards his loved ones is amazing — and those are the sources of his charisma,” one fan said in the comment to one of Instagram reels promoting Isaac for Gomez.


In fact, Tim Burton went for the perfect casting when it comes to comic accuracy, since Luis Guzman’s Gomez looks like he’s straight out from the comic pages. However, many fans view Gomez as a handsome heartthrob, not least due to Raul Julia’s portrayal of the character in the 1990s movies.

But do things really need to be comic-accurate, though? Well, now that Netflix’s Wednesday already has its own charming (and canonic!) Gomez, we’re unlikely to see Jenna Ortega and Oscar Isaac paired up as a father and a daughter.

But who said the Netflix series is the final adaptation of the Addams Family on screen?..


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