Watch: EVANESCENCE’s AMY LEE Joins BUSH On Stage In Nashville

EVANESCENCE’s Amy Lee joined BUSH on stage last night (Monday, February 20) at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee to perform the song “1000 Years”. Video and photos of her appearance can be seen below.

Earlier today (Tuesday, February 21),BUSH frontman Gavin Rossdale shared a few photos from last night’s gig, and he included the following message: “well that was a blast.what a magical night.thankyou @amylee you elevated us to new galaxies.what a thrill. @officiallzzyhale @thejoestorm @officialnickraskulinecz always great to see you thanks for great energy and photos and love . so happy to see and hang with you xxx”.

“1000 Years” is taken from BUSH’s latest album, “The Art Of Survival”, which was released last year. The LP encompasses the resiliency of the human spirit in the face of trial and tribulations as the band’s own enduring place as rock outliers. Songs such as “Kiss Me I’m Dead” and “Gun Fight” represent the horrors that’s going on in this country, while “Identity”, “Shark Bite” and “Creatures of The Fire” capture the strength of people during these dark times. BUSH’s euphoric rock revelation “Heavy Is The Ocean” encourages love and recognizes the bravery behind freely expressing your feelings.

Forging ahead once more, BUSH wrote and recorded what would become “The Art of Survival” during 2022, reteaming with Erik Ron (PANIC! AT THE DISCO, GODSMACK) who produced “Flowers On A Grave” and the title track for the group’s previous album, “The Kingdom” (2020),and collaborating once again on two tracks with film composer, musician, and producer Tyler Bates (“300”, “Guardian Of The Galaxy”).

Last month, Rossdale told Alternative Press about what keeps him and his bandmates still so hungry to progress time and time again: “I guess we’re just still in love with music enough to be inspired. I’m really lucky to have such an amazing band of fantastic musicians that can execute well and are super consistent. It’s really unusual to have a band, management, and people that are still so hungry for the same thing to happen. There is also a reality there where we have a sort of humility where, yeah, things are great, but I always consider it a beautiful fistfight. I made [the 2017 album] ‘Black And White Rainbows’ at a really difficult time in my life, and after I picked up the pieces and made less-bruised music, I thought, ‘Fuck it, let’s just take it to people.'”

Regarding the heavier sound of “The Art of Survival” compared to earlier BUSH releases, Gavin said: “For me personally, it came from the ashes of the time around ‘Black And White Rainbows’ and my divorce. When you rise up after that terrible time, you gather yourself up and [push on]. When I would get up [in the morning], I would put my guitar in a drop tuning and just experiment. I noticed that I much more favor the detuned songs from all of the records to create set lists, especially for festivals. I wanted to do a whole record like that with super-heavy songs with nice melodies on top. I like progressive-sounding music with cool riffs like MASTADON — I love that sound. It feels good and feels vital to be doing that because if you’re gonna work out, why not be an MMA fighter? It’s the music of MMA fighting. [Laughs]”

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