Trace Adkins Has Survived Automobile and Tractor Crashes, an Oil Rig Accident, and a Chest Shot

Trace Adkins could persuade you that country music stardom is a hazardous occupation. The singer has survived numerous accidents, including car collisions, a tractor accident, and a chest shot. Since making his debut in 1996, Adkins has enjoyed success in the country music industry. Songs such as “You’re Gonna Miss This,” “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk,” “Every Light In The House,” and “Ladies Love Country Boys” are among his most popular. At least six of Adkins’ albums have been certified gold or platinum, and he has won four Grammys, as well as CMT and ACM awards. While Adkins has enjoyed a great deal of success, he has also endured his fair share of difficulties.

Injuries sustained by Trace Adkins include broken ribs, knee issues, and a missing finger. Adkins was involved in a serious car accident at age 17 when his truck collided head-on with a school bus. Few ribs were fractured, both lungs were punctured, and a portion of his nose was torn off. Adkins continued to sustain injuries after this point. While attending Louisiana Tech University, the country star sustained a knee injury and never played for his school’s team. Adkins was employed in construction in 1982. A bulldozer accident left him with severe lower-body wounds. He told People, “I believed I was about to lose both legs.”

A 400-barrel oil tank exploded the following year, crushing his left leg. In 1988, Adkins was again involved in a car accident and required a neck brace after his truck overturned. In another workplace incident, the singer severed a finger. It was reattached by doctors, but at a permanent angle. Another incident that defies death? During Hurricane Chantal, Adkins and nine other coworkers were on an oil rig. “I got to the highest part of the living quarters on the rig, so if it flipped, I could go in either direction,” the musician told People about the terrifying incident. Trace Adkins’ near-death experience after his then-wife shot him.

His gunshot wound was likely the most well-known of his injuries. Adkins was shot by his second wife, Julie Curtis, in 1994. After an argument over the country star’s excessive drinking, Curtis pointed a.38 caliber pistol at her ex-husband. Adkins attempted to disarm her, but Curtis shot him in the heart and lungs. Adkins told People that the bullet passed through both lungs and both ventricles of his heart. The doctors had little hope for my survival and instructed my family and friends to say their goodbyes. Adkins fortunately survived. After three years of marriage, despite his decision not to press charges, he and Curtis divorced. Adkins has endured much to achieve his current musical success. His fans are pleased that he has survived to the present day!

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