Tony Iommi’s Misconception Regarding ‘Paranoid’ by Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath’s albums ‘Black Sabbath,’ ‘Paranoid,’ and ‘Master Of Reality’ from the 1970s and ‘Master Of Reality’ from the early 1970s helped define the heavy metal music genre. Following Ozzy Osbourne’s departure, Sabbath underwent numerous lineup changes, with only Tony Iommi remaining constant over the years. Later in 1970, following the commercial success of ‘Black Sabbath,’ the band released the hit album ‘Paranoid.’ Sabbath’s signature songs, such as the title track ‘Paranoid,’ were featured on the album ‘Paranoid,’ which was a significant influence on the development of heavy metal. Tony Iommi made an absurd remark upon hearing ‘Paranoid’ for the first time, despite the success of the song.

First Reaction of Tony Iommi to the Sabbath Song “Paranoid” Black Sabbath’s second studio album, released in September 1970, is titled ‘Paranoid’ Following its release, the album was the band’s only album to top the UK Albums chart until the release of ’13’ in 2013. In addition, ‘Paranoid’s sales were boosted by the success of its corresponding single. “Paranoid” is one of the Black Sabbath songs that immediately comes to mind. Even though it was composed in the studio at the last minute, the single contributed to the band’s extraordinary chart success. However, when he first heard the song, Tony Iommi felt negatively about the solo in ‘Paranoid.

Roger Bain, the producer of Black Sabbath, decided to use a ring modulator on Ozzy Osbourne’s voice in the 1970s song ‘Iron Man’s’ introduction. In ‘Paranoid,’ he processed the guitar solo with the same ring modulator. On the 50th anniversary of the release of ‘Paranoid,’ Iommi discussed this decision with Kerrang. According to Iommi, he was shocked the first time he heard ‘Paranoid,’ and he stated that the song sounded terrible. However, despite Iommi’s objections, they decided to include this on the album, and he eventually grew accustomed to it. Tony Iommi told Kerrang in 2020 the following about ‘Paranoid’: “Rodger also utilized this ring modulator during the guitar solo on ‘Paranoid.’ Initially, I exclaimed, “What the hell is that?! It sounds dreadful! Nonetheless, they chose it as the solo that would be included on the record. I am now accustomed to it.” You can listen to the iconic hit “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath below.

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