Tommy Thayer Explains Why New KISS Records Fail

Tommy Thayer, lead guitarist and vocalist for KISS, recently gave an interview to in which he explained why the band no longer releases new albums. The album ‘Alive II’ by KISS, released in 1977, was a commercial success. Their manager, Bill Aucoin, desired to increase their popularity and notoriety, so he suggested that the band simultaneously release solo albums. This project gave the band members an opportunity to showcase their unique style, and that year became known as the band’s golden year. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley hired Tom Thayer as a part-time employee in 1994, while the band was continuing to achieve success on the music scene. Later, he became the band’s guitarist and collaborated on multiple KISS projects. In contrast to the other members, Thayer did not release solo albums, as he explained in a recent interview.

As some of you may recall, Gene Simmons had previously stated that rock music is dead due to the lack of support from record companies. He had also stated that streaming platforms are the killers of rock because musicians are not compensated fairly. He also targeted young music fans for their preference of streaming platforms over physical records. Similar to his fellow rock musician, Thayer believes that people are no longer as interested in purchasing records as they once were. Regarding the issue of not releasing a new album, he stated that even KISS does not release new music because the direction of the music industry has shifted. The guitarist attributed this problem to streaming platforms, noting that they prevented artists from producing new works.

When asked why he has not released a solo album, Tommy Thayer stated: “Well, I’m not sure. That is a valid inquiry. I honestly do not believe that people are as interested in purchasing music as they once were. I mean, KISS isn’t making records; nobody is making records anymore because the industry has changed so drastically. All that matters is streaming. And it’s difficult to sell records today, and people aren’t really purchasing music — sadly, this is simply not the case. Even though it’s enjoyable and cool to go through the creative process, you’re dissuaded from spending a lot of time writing and recording albums. However, I’m not sure if it makes sense.”

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