Tom Waits announces reissues of ‘Alice’ and ‘Blood Money’ on vinyl and shares live versions of two album tracks

The announcement is concurrent with the release of live versions of “All the World Is Green” and “Fish and Bird” by Tom Waits. Tom Waits announced today (August 9) that his albums ‘Alice’ and ‘Blood Money’ from 2002 will be reissued on vinyl. The albums, which celebrate their 20th anniversary this year, will be pressed on translucent blue and red vinyl, and the reissues are expected to hit record stores and Waits’ merchandise website on October 7. Both reissues are currently available for preorder through Waits’ online store. Waits has also released two live recordings that will be included on each of the forthcoming reissues: “All the World Is Green” from “Blood Money” and “Fish and Bird” from “Alice.” Check out the live performances listed below.

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Waits’ live rendition of ‘All the World is Green’ adds a flamenco flavor to the original, and was recorded during the singer-Milan songwriter’s performance as part of his Glitter and Doom tour in 2008. The previously unreleased version of ‘Fish and Bird’ was taken from a 2004 Waits concert in London and combines his live vocals with piano keys.

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In press materials from the time, Waits recalled his avoidance of string instruments on the original albums, stating that “too many of [his] songs were drowning in strings.” “I had no desire to hear another violin. “Therefore, we sought out string players who felt similarly about their instrument, formed an odd, skeletal chamber orchestra, and attempted to avoid all the old, familiar phrases that string players adore playing,” Waits explained. Both ‘Alice’ and ‘Blood Money’ resulted from Waits and co-writer Kathleen Brennan’s multiyear collaboration with playwright Robert Wilson. Wilson had contributed to Waits’ album ‘The Black Rider’ in 1989, and later incorporated the songs from ‘Alice’ into his 1992 opera of the same name. Wilson used “Blood Money” as the basis for his 2000 musical “Woyzeck,” which was also inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

The albums’ contributions to the plays preceded many of Waits’ subsequent stage and screenplay appearances. Over the years, the musician has appeared in both Francis Ford Coppola’s 1992 film Dracula and Paul Thomas Anderson’s 2014 film Licorice Pizza. In other live performance news, Waits performed a rare set at a tribute concert for Hal Willner earlier this year. In April, in tribute to the late SNL music producer, Waits performed his 2013 song “Shenandoah” as well as a live rendition of “I’ll Be Seeing You” by Frank Sinatra.

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